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  • There's really not tbh. Battlefield's style of gameplay is hard to develop and create​. It's too big and, and yet to fast paced. There's games like Arma and Rising Storm​. Play on over 20 maps that accurately portray the combat of the time. Official Site. Official Trailer. 9. Day of Infamy. Every squad benefits from. The tags customers have most frequently applied to Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 have also been applied to these products: Free to Play. More like this. %. I also liked that style more than what we have now in bf1. It was just better battlefieled. Maybe not better shoter but definitely better as battlefield. BFV feels like a Battlefield game to me, and it's mostly fun to play. My problems with BFV aren't so much with gameplay as with outside factors. At DICE, we all share the passion to create exceptional games. For the past 28 years, we've created award-winning experiences like Battlefield™ and Star. Here's what we liked and disliked about Battlefield 1 as shown at EA Play. Battlefield 1 at EA Play - Likes and Dislikes (Page 1) Combined, there's a strong picture for what the game will play like and what features to. This game is nothing like other battlefield games and is negative fun. Very glitchy, no spotting, revives/resupplies/healing is ridiculous and takes too long.
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Top 10 Battlefield Games of All Time, time: 6:57

Categories Liked. May 16, PM. Firestorm is great. But whatever happened to commanders? What happened to the awesome flying?

What happened to attachments? The new school game designers dont get it. I personally don't. I don't get any fun out of it. I can stand at the top of the leaderboard every match but there's no satisfaction in it. It just feels way too casual, campy and not how epic Battlefield used to be, like the good old BF3 and BF4. What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel like playing a Battlefield game when playing BFV?

SirSpectacle said:. BFV is absolutely a battlefield game. To those of you missing some kind of feeling from previous games; it's called getting old.

That special magic from the games of battlefield youth is never coming back, no matter what you play. May 16, PM edited May May 17, AM. It does feel site a BF game, just a really bad one. You're going to get some bad installments in a franchise I think it just surprised people because last one was very popular and a very good game.

Give it another couple years battlefield whatever and this whole mess will be forgotten when the new installment arrives which I'm certain will be absolutely nothing like this one I like the removal of ez-pz 3d spotting but that's about it. Tragic in every other way. Heh, yeah it's no different from music or cars or whatever. The ones we recall from back in the games will always be the best, kids these days just don't understand.

May 17, PM. Questions like, why liked this so little fun, why is this so frustrating, why have they made this so horrible? I couldn't believe it at the time.

They made up for it after that with Armored Kill though. That was a great DLC. Overall, Battlefield 3 seemed to never be able to decide what kind of game it wanted to be. What platform were games playing on? I was on PlayStation 3. As Liked recall, Armored Kill was released in the fall liked On Read article, my friend and I could find matches the whole fall.

I'm actually surprised anyone is running BF3 much these days. CQ games would make the most sense considering they don't require a large player count. Games don't know why you are so frustrated at BF4 of all things. I can still easily get into matches today on PS4, including servers running maps from all the DLC packs. There's at least a couple of servers that regularly run a couple maps from each DLC pack mixed in with launch maps.

Operation Locker isn't that bad, but every Battlefield seems to have it's version of Locker. Basically a smaller map click least mostly focused on infantry.

May 17, PM edited May Loved me Locker and Liked because they provided variety and were the exception. Now you have what feels like 5 Lockers in BFV out of the 9 maps. I do think Metro and LOcker played better with fewer players. Games gets old just sitting there shooting guys but games nowhere. And no one pushes on these maps with battlefield many players. No one wants to go anywhere. No one is trying to break through and push the enemy back.

The only way anyone moves up is if they don't hear a gunshot for 5 site straight. Read more many great maps!

Flood Zone is the only one I site like at all. By comparison, Battlefield 3's site maps were site lacking. They were mostly designed for Rush mode. I quit playing BF3 two weeks in until the Back to Karkand map arrived.

It does to some degree feel like a Battlefield game, but more of a casual one than what it did back in the BF2 and pre-BF2 site. Bring back BF:BC2 with updated graphics and updated graphics alone, don't mess with anything else!!!!! May 18, PM. To me it dose feel like a Battlefield game, it just never felt as fun or addictive as a Battlefield game usually is. I've never seen all my friends and friend list leave a Battlefield game so quickly either.

Maybe its the game, maybe its us getting older? But it dose still buy a game satisfied people like Battlefield.

Here not with all battlefield fun and funny Battlefield moments.

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Take your gwmes. CQ maps would make the most sense considering they don't require a large player count. Squad leader as only spawn point on squad What are your thoughts on this? Join Our Studio.