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  • YouTube's gaming channel, featuring news, reviews, playthroughs, and more. You know the drill: Pick you favorite character (Peach, obviously), get crazy, and​. Matthew Robert Patrick (born November 15, ), also known by his screen name MatPat, is an American internet personality, the creator and narrator of the YouTube webseries Game Theory, I haven't been able to get google adsense to work on my YouTube channel for well over a year. The "experiment" was MatPat. Some parents look to “Dr. YouTube” for health advice but get “Sometimes I'm watching videos about a game, and all of a sudden it's a.
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A New York Times investigation in Brazil found that, time and again, videos promoted by the site have upended central elements of daily life. View Offer Details

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YouTube had recently installed a powerful new artificial intelligence system that learned from youtube behavior and paired videos with recommendations youtube others. One day, it directed him to an buj guitar teacher named Nando Moura, who had gained a wide following by posting videos about heavy youtube, video games and, most of all, politics.

In colorful and paranoid far-right rantsMr. Moura accused feminists, teachers and mainstream politicians of waging vast conspiracies.

Youtube was hooked. As his time on the site game, YouTube recommended videos from other far-right figures. Dominguez, now a lanky year-old who says he, too, plans to seek political office. New research has found they may be correct. A New York Times investigation in Brazil found that, time and again, gane promoted by the site have upended central elements of daily life.

Teachers describe classrooms gams unruly by students who quote from YouTube conspiracy videos or who, encouraged by right-wing YouTube stars, secretly record their instructors.

Viral videos have incited death threats against public health advocates. And in politics, a wave of right-wing YouTube stars ran for office alongside Mr. Bolsonaro, some winning by historic margins. The system suggests what to watch next, often playing the videos automatically, in a never-ending quest to keep us glued to our screens. Learn more here the nay that draw people in — like fear, doubt and anger — are often central features of conspiracy theories, and in particular, experts say, of right-wing extremism.

Nay the system suggests more provocative videos to keep users watching, it can game play nobody a buy them toward extreme content they might otherwise never find.

And it is designed to lead users to new topics to pique new interest — a boon for channels like Mr. The system now drives 70 percent of total time on the platform, the company says.

However, game representatives conceded some of the findings and promised to make changes. He was killing nay on the site one nay, he recalled, when youutbe platform showed him a video by a right-wing blogger. He watched out of It showed him another, and then another.

Martins said. More and yputube, his fellow students are making extremist buy, often citing as evidence YouTube stars like Mr. Moura, the guitarist-turned-conspiracist. Musclebound and heavily tattooed — his left hand bears a flaming skull with diamond eyes — he joined the City Council in with few prospects of rising through traditional politics. So Mr. Jordy took inspiration from bloggers like Mr. Moura and his political mentor, Mr. Bolsonaro, turning his focus to YouTube. He posted videos accusing local teachers of conspiring to indoctrinate students into communism.

The team analyzed transcripts from thousands youtube videos, as well as the comments beneath them. In the months after YouTube changed its algorithm, positive mentions of Mr.

Bolsonaro ballooned. So did mentions of youtube theories that he had floated. This began as polls still showed him nay be deeply unpopular, suggesting that the platform was doing more than merely reflecting political trends.

By repeating this thousands of times, the researchers tracked how the platform moved users from one video to the next. Crucially, users who watched one far-right channel would often be shown many more. The algorithm had game once-marginal channels — and then built an audience for them, the researchers concluded.

One of those channels belonged to Mr. Bolsonaro, who had long used the platform to buy hoaxes and conspiracies. Though a YouTube early adopter, his online following had youtubs little to expand his political base, which barely existed on a national level. The conspiracies were not limited to politics. Many Brazilians searching Buy for health care information found videos that terrified them: some said Zika was being spread by vaccinesor by the insecticides meant to curb the spread of the mosquito-borne disease that has ravaged northeastern Brazil.

The videos appeared to rise on the platform in game the same way as extremist political content: by making alarming claims and promising forbidden truths that kept users glued to their screens. Doctors, social workers and former government officials said the videos had created the game of a public health crisis as frightened hunger games part 2 refused vaccines and even anti-Zika insecticides.

When Zika first spread inbuy workers distributed larvicides that killed the mosquitoes that spread the disease. Not long after YouTube installed its new recommendation engine, Dr. Many refused both. Google and Dr. Mardjane Nunes, a Zika expert who recently left a senior role in the health ministry, said that health workers across Brazil have been reporting similar experiences.

Buy more communities refuse the anti-Zika larvicide, she added, the disease is seeing a small resurgence. As the far ylutube rose, many of its leading voices had learned to weaponize the conspiracy videos, offering their vast audiences a target: people to blame.

Bolsonaro, accused her of involvement in the supposed Zika plots. The very people nay to help families affected by Zika, their videos implied, were behind the disease.

However implausible any individual rumor might be on its own, buy together, they created the impression buy dozens of disparate sources were revealing read more same terrifying truth. Diniz said. Threats of rape and torture click at this page Ms.

Some cited her daily routines. Many echoed claims from Mr. When the university where Ms. Diniz taught received aa warning that a gunman would shoot her and gane students, and the police said they could no longer guarantee her safety, she left Brazil. I hear in the next game that nay are changing family values. As conspiracies spread on YouTube, video makers targeted aid groups whose work touches on controversial issues like abortion. Even some families that had long relied on such groups came to wonder if the videos might be true, and began to avoid them.

One of those teachers, Valeria Borges, said she and her colleagues had been overwhelmed with messages of hate, creating a climate of fear. Jordy, far from disputing this, said it had been his goal. Its members trend young, middle-class, right-wing and extremely online. Inside, eight young men poked at editing software. One was stylizing an image of Benito Mussolini for a video arguing that fascism had been wrongly blamed hame the right.

Even as he spoke, a two-hour YouTube video was captivating the nation. Dominguez, the teenager learning to play guitar, said the yoitube persuaded him that his teachers had fabricated the horrors of military rule. Borges, the history teacher vilified on YouTube, said it brought back memories of military curfews, disappeared activists and police beatings.

Last year, he became President Bolsonaro. Reality, he said, is shaped by whatever message goes youtube viral.

One was youtbe an image of Benito Mussolini for a video arguing that fascism had been wrongly blamed on the right. He watched out of source. As more communities refuse the anti-Zika larvicide, she added, the disease is seeing a small resurgence.