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91 Replies to “Casino loco vegas espejo

    1. A lot of these old school casino don’t understand the benefits from recording its free promotion to the casino!! They are being left behind! A lot of the née school casinos love having Youtubers at their casinos!

  1. So awesome to have met you guys! My birthday is so complete. That was me!!!

    1. @Lots of Slots yeah no kidding. Been watching your new channel, you were at Sunland Park, I’m from El Paso. Have you been to Speaking Rock Casino? It’s pretty big but not sure if they’ll let you record.

    2. What are the chances in this world to here you say my name the moment you crossed me in the casino!! Lol!

      I thought it was so funny that you didn’t recognize me while I was talking to you! Lol!!

      Well happy birthday!! 🎊

  2. Welcome to the Inn of the Mountain casino, the tightest slots in New Mexico!!!

  3. Wow that place is tighter than a cats ass. I dont blame you I wouldnt go back either…Be safe..❤💜❤

  4. Hi guys we always go there too and no we can’t record but if you go to Billy the Kid Casino there in Ruidoso you can record we will be there Thursday May 20th evening time Blessings to you Both look us up Stru8Up Slots

  5. you guys are fun and I really enjoy your video, take your business elsewhere!

  6. I never understood what the big deal is about recording a video while playing slots. Like are they thinking your going to rewatch the video for some secrets. Thanks for the content. Just leave that shit hole and never come back. Glad u at least left with some money.

    1. @Lots of Slots
      Yeah not to mention bad vibes can alter your luck and now its no longer fun. The ju ju is real. Cant wait for you to post a big ass handpay you guys deserve it.

    2. Yes exactly’ some of these newer casinos understand the free promotion that they get from youtubers!! Places like these are getting left behind! I honestly stopped playing with my card cause I know I won’t be back for a long time

  7. Wow! Security…how rude! I dont blame you for not wanting to go back there. Thanks for trying🤗. Oh and Bianca looks beautiful🔥

    1. @Lots of Slots Yep, happened with me before with a casino, went back a year later anyway lol.

    2. Thank you so much! I really don’t wanna go back there. But I’m pretty sure I’ll end up going back one day

  8. Just come to sunland park casino, been waiting for you to show up, im not in valet anymore, but inside the casino

  9. Hey guys Im gonna subscribe .because u make it feel like Im with u having fun. U guys are not boring your fun

  10. You have to ask permission b4 recording. If you dont play by the rules you should get kicked out.

  11. Hello from Las Vegas 💸💸💸 I havent seen you guys for a minute, glad your back… I know youre busy working and everything, but we appreciate your videos ☺️

  12. Security was on you, what kinda lame casino was that cant even have fun. They need to change there name to party poopers casino lol

  13. Oh what a drag I was there the weekend before you guys went. Have you guys tried AZ? Harrahs AkChin is really good.. Nice Hat Bianca. Ya Id rather drive from El Paso to Phoenix. Then go to Inn of the mountain gods.

  14. What’s the reason for not allowing you to record . Will we learn how they stop the machines from paying lol

    1. It has to do with the type of casino it is. I don’t know the real reason why they don’t let you record.

      And yes Dionicio it’s their house their rules!! And for that reason I’m no longer going back to that casino ever again!

      It’s paid me $12000 before so I’ll take their money and run and spend it somewhere else

    2. This is the casinos property. If you choose to break the rules, they have every right to kick you out. Security staff was nice. If they wanted you to record they would fully allow you to do that. You chose not to listen to them. Who knows, maybe because they saw you recording they managed to program the machines so you wouldnt win. Next time dont make it so obvious that youre recording. Either way big brother sees what youre doing. Thats right, they dont have cameras. Duh..

  15. If they tell you to stop recording Stop.. Im surprised they didnt escort you out. You got lucky.

    1. @Chris Alcocer if they confiscate his equipment maybe hell learn not to record without permission.

  16. It is irritating when that happens but you really cant blame the employees just doing their job. Its like that with all casinos and theres 1000 cameras. You cant expect to get away with anything nor let them give you a easy pass. With that being said just try to hide the camera better.

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