Casino en Moscú 2000

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Artículos escritos por Luis Matias López en EL PAÍS | Pág. 10

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Moscow City arrancó en en el Distrito Presnensky en el terraplén de Presnenskayaen el oeste de la urbe, y ha desafiado hasta el momento todas las alturas conocidas en el continente europeo en tan solo 1 km cuadrado se superficie.

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Este albergue tiene habitaciones para 2, 4 y 6 personas. La longitud de todas las tuberías del edificio supera los km, a fin de garantizar el funcionamiento ininterrumpido de agua, alcantarillado, calor, aire acondicionado, refrigeración y la seguridad contra incendios. El complejo casino en Moscú 2000 casi Trabajadoras embarazadas El capítulo 41 del Código de Trabajo de la Federación de Rusia, del 30 de Diciembre deestablece las disposiciones legales para el trabajo de mujeres y personas con casino en Moscú 2000 familiares.

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142 Replies to “Casino en Moscú 2000

  1. I was at work the night this went out on the essential mix. I tuned in at 2am on a Sunday thinking Ill listen to the first ten minutes. I ended up listening to the whole two hours.

  2. Quality upload this, many thanks for sharing. Totally agree with some of the comments re modern trance being absolute crap. The old stuff ‘99 to about 2005 is a definitive era 🙌🏼 🎶

  3. I am so, so, so eternally thankful to whoever the fuck pressed record for this shit, and 8/18/01.

    Please, for the love of all that is bliss and ecstasy…. if you like this, search out PVD 8/18/01 on Youtube. Please. Ill pay you to listen to that set.

  4. Did people realize what they were witnessing when they were there? Did they know that THIS was trance? Did they know that trance would sound nothing like this in 2015?

    1. I was there, I was at every PvD and Vandit event at Casino back then and in Berlin. I was very aware how special and genius he and the music at this time was. And yes, we knew this was trance, OF COURSE! But ofc we had no idea how everything would turn to shit over a decade later. The whole atmosphere and spirit was so positive, optimistic and heaven-like back then, we really believed things would stay as amazing forever, same goes for the music.

  5. this is probably the best trance set I have heard, BANGING from start to finish!

    1. Need a listen to tiesto, revolution album was best, this is harder, i cant make my mind up 😥

  6. Chills people Chills- every time at 26 minutes—- wish i was in this club with these folk gahh! SUCH A CLASSIC!

    1. DJ Erwin W.E.T. I have it on vynil. A lot of tracklist call it Laguna- Sceptic Watcher which was the B-side.

  7. SUBLIME, GENIAL mi primer idolo de la música!!!! Wawwww!!!

  8. Ahh some classy banging tunes at 50:42, anyone listening to this in 2020 lockdown?

  9. still sounding fresh 15 years on and I remember listening to it 15 years ago and thinking what a set PVD at his pinnacle

  10. If you like this set THEN CHECK OUT PvD live from Home in Leicester Square R1 Essential Mix.
    Those 2 sets epitomises PVD @ his best & the two best Essential Mixes. Nuff said………

  11. seriously! turned down paying over 100 bucks to see kaskade a couple months agao… just paid 20 bucks!! to see oakenfold!

  12. das waren noch Mega Zeiten …voll geil … nur verdammt lang her …. 

  13. Ok – what s that killer at 16 + and then the all’s out balls out at 19 mins?

  14. I went to the love parade in 2001, saw PVD do 9 hours in Berlin at Columbia Hall with Nick Warren, Changed my life. (he dropped that Lustral Track every time i close my eyes I still get chills…  I am glad to see how many other agree that trance has gone to shit and that there is still support of the classics like this set. PVD Crushes this set.

    1. Hey @dustin I was at that nick warren pad casino night too. Will never forget it

    2. @Juza Delle Nuvole I miss the point…. The Point Depot.. Godskitchen all the way! Good ole days 😤😤😤

  15. Tribes Of Superia – The Invasion (Juan Lopez Remix) What a monster of a track.

  16. In 2000 smoke like a stone…all natural staff,  what we have now digital and lab pillsmusic the same guys :)))

    1. @casey bramley Jelaous much! Think the last time I saw him live was Ibiza 2005 or something! Although I did witness a few of his 6 hr sets at Gatecrasher 99-2002 which were epic!

  17. @40:00 has been one of my favorite tracks for 20 years now. Thats insane. Where did all that time go? (If I were back then I would say it had no meaning- I cant say I feel much differently now). Still a banging mix.

  18. 29:29 This is why I still go for it in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long Live PVD, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  19. one of the livest rave parties Ive ever been to was Casino with PVD and Nick Warren circa 2002, I believe at the old location of the Casino parties.. I was expecting a mega club and this is early internet days, not a lot of info out… I walked into a dank warehouse, crazy lazer lights and the best party Ive ever been to on my life. PVD always played harder for the home crowd, my God man I miss the old days.

  20. toma session,de hace unos años,de puta madre,perdon si molesta a alguien.

  21. do you have also a mix from PVD live in oberhausen turbinnenhale? im not sure about the year but i think it was 02/03 .. thx anyway

  22. Used to go hear this guy at Gatecrasher end of 90s onwards religiously. Music peaked then.

    1. Me, too! I lived in Sheffield. True story this, one night for PVDs 6 hour set back in 99 I got there late about 12:30 and the doormen refused to let me in as it was full up absolutely bouncing inside. So I went to the cash machine and bribed one of the bouncers with £100 to let me in thats how desperate I was lol. Best night ever got loads of free pills as well, and they would let me in for nothing most weekends after that. Good times. Itwillalwaysbewithyou 🙌🏻

  23. WTF! Casino! PvD! I was there! I was at every PvD/Vandit night at Casino (and ofc at all his other events in Berlin). Casino was my fav club and my main base. Went there with my friends all the time and we had a blast. We mourned heavily when that place closed down. I still have quite some special photos of one of Pauls Casino events. Anyway, I never thought Id come across a PvD at Casino set all the years later. Im so glad BBC released this. Thx for the upload!

    1. @Elliot Rush Thx, I went through my archive recently and Ill scan the negatives and consider posting them somewhere eventually. Prolly Instagram, well see.

    2. Thats amazing u were there mate. I was a 20 year old punk listening in my bedroom on BBC RADIO ONE Essential Mix recording on to cassette. 2am-4am.

  24. Bravissimo.. Thanks your sound is magic.. You are a very Artist 😃😃😃💞

  25. This was the greatest era dance music has ever seen.

    Its totally gone to shite these days.

  26. 1:51:47 needles should still jump like this. But Dein DJ verpeilt den Einsatz, weil Serato ausgeht xD

  27. the crowd went totally mad when he threw Autumn.. magic moments.. too bad he doesnt play like this anymore..

  28. i was looking for this mix for years,, this gave me goosbumbs when i listened to it.. thanks a lot !!!

    1. +A Angelov you can download the mp3 from a website that transforms youtube videos to mp3 google it

  29. I dont like this….no hard drops, just constant beats. Ill stick to real DJs like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and Showtek

  30. To all the junkies out there: when Tell me why drops after the break at 1:43;47, is that the Tell me Why beat or does he use VIP3000 – The Combat beat to make it sound harder? My Tell me why vandit mix doesnt sound half as pumping as this. 

    1. No! Better later then never. He plays the Vandit Re-Edit wich only was released on the Vinyl Version of Out there and Back it Sounds Like the Vandit Club Mix, but is a Bit more banging

    2. Yes, he looped a clap section of The Combat while playing the other track.

  31. Sunset On Ibiza!!!!!

    Vontade de ouvir essa no entardecer de Pajuçara, Maceió-AL.

  32. Gracias por la oportunidad de disfrutar de la experiencia sublime y potenciadora de volver a querer disfrutar con ahínco de SENTIR

  33. if you guys like this set, you NEED 18.08.2001 from the the following year. It used to be on Youtube but the uploader deleted for some stupid reason, but you can still find it on Soundcloud. Good quality too.

    1. Im back, again. Been some time but woooooo ! Hpe you still love as much as me 🙂

    2. ive attributed about 1,ooo of those new views 😉 cant get enough of this shiiii

    3. +Gemma Greaves Now it has 60,324 hits. So it shows that people are definitely listening. 🙂

  34. I love the old PvD the most. When he was still playing songs from other producers not only his own stuff. Yet he is one of the best and I still go to his shows.

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